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Not worth much in the way of information, but:

  1. Kristan Jensen, Andreas Karch. Holographic Dual of an Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Pair has a WormholePhysical Review Letters, 2013; 111 (21) DOI:10.1103/PhysRevLett.111.211602

calculate that a pair of quantum entangled black holes would be a worm hole and equivalent to any pair of quantum entangled subatomic particles. (Apparently they use multidimensional string theory maths to show.)

Here’s the key point: if two people were inside the two black holes, they be in the “same” place, no matter how far apart, but, of course, what goes in, never comes out. Accordingly, no travel or communication through the wormhole.


Might time and locality not be fundamental to reality? 

Natalie Wolchover writes here: describing some interesting mathematics with some interesting possible implications. Really cool. I found it fascinating, and it seems on the right track to my meager understanding. 

Luboš Motl, a crazy-smart physicist, who blogs from Pilsen, Czech Republic, writes here: He mainly says it looks cool. Given that he understands this stuff, it makes me think my excitement might be warranted. 

My take on the notions is that time might prove to be an emergent phenomenon, rather than fundamental. Take a thunderstorm for example. It is emergent from forces acting. There are thermodynamic drivers and mass transfer processes and state transformations involved, lightening, etc., but the thunderstorm isn’t fundamentally a thing. It is made of lots of interacting things. It is mind-boggling to think of time as emerging from “things”, perhaps simply from geometry. Hmm… More pondering required. Definitely more reading as more information is published. 

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