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Faith in reason is the trust that the ultimate natures of things lie together in a harmony which excludes mere arbitrariness. It is the faith that at the base of things we shall not find mere arbitrary mystery. The faith in the order of nature which made possible the growth of science is a particular example of a deeper faith. — Alfred North Whitehead (British mathematician-philosopher), Science and the Modern World, Free Press, NewYork, 1967 (originally published 1925), available at Google books.

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Biologos is worth more time than I spend at it. I am working at rectifying that. This article is very much to my liking. It states thing just about the way I try to.

Belief in God in an Age of Science: John Polkinghorne, Part 5 | The BioLogos Forum.

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Jonathan Murray, writing for American Thinker, discusses abortion consistent with my own thinking.

He makes some points about the facts, and he points out the need to deal with the issues as a society. It should at least make you think.

For myself, I think we need to start with the facts. The only objective definition of a human we have is biological. DNA defines us from the moment of conception. By any definition from science, we are alive from conception. Once the two sets of parental DNA halves are combined, the fertilized egg will grow, develop, live, and die as a human being.

I really don’t like the notion of viability. It is not part of the argument. An argument based on some definition or other of viability can make meat of us all.

The key is due process and thoroughly thought through and reasonable definitions in the law.

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