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My sons are into robots. They are working with a robot club for competitions.

Mom suggested we take the icy day to go see the movie about the robot team, Spare Parts.

It was done very well. I highly recommend it.

The movie tracks four high school boys as they try to start achieving the American dream in their own small Arizona town, in their own beleaguered high school, with almost no money, almost no support, and a half-willing temporary substitute science teacher. (Who isn’t a teacher, but an engineer, fallen on hard times.) Their sponsor works through issues, but being a good engineer, he can help them effectively. They keep overcoming obstacles.

One of their big obstacles is that all are from immigrant families, families who came into the USA from Mexico, without going through proper channels. Thus, I.C.E. is after them, well, one of them. Still, they are all in danger of deportation.

I suppose I need to write some about immigration. I don’t have it worked out. What I know for sure is that we must trust people.

I know not everyone is trustworthy, but we must trust people first. We must give the freedom and room for people to be what God has created them to be.

I seem to keep finding more and more that I am libertarian to the bone, just as I am Wesleyan. God made us free. We err when we make people less free than God has.

The movie is fun, informative, and well made. It deals well with some of the issues involved. Sure, it is a bit shallow, but it deals with hardships of public schools and hardships of being an illegal alien, and with some of the joys of family and triumphs of accomplishment.

It is worth taking your family to see.

It no longer amazes me what I can find on the internet. It is more common for me to be amazed when I cannot find something on the internet.

When thinking about writing something about the Monuments Men movie, I recalled the mixed to poor reviews I’d noticed beforehand. My first thought was it was nothing like the second Highlander movie. TJW of summed it up best in his email signature file all those years ago. I wondered if I could let him say it himself, so I looked it up. Wah-lah!

"There can be only one!"   - The Highlander
"There should have been only one. I want my money back!"  - Terry

I found the quote in Esther’s Massive Signature File Collection of DOOOM! here:

Anyway, I thought it was an enjoyable movie that made a lot of good points well. Not great, and apparently it muddles the facts a little, especially since the British role in it all was significant and preceded US efforts by about two years.

So, if you haven’t seen it yet, I encourage you to watch it. Expect some sentimentality. It was low on violence. Relatively family friendly. Mostly, it is a story that needs to be remembered.

Wow. This review of Daniel Amos’ latest work is absolutely worth your time to read. If you already have album, you know what the reviewer says. I’ll warn you that you might have to slog through a paragraph or two. Fred Sanders’ writing style doesn’t quite suit my tastes, but he says things well, and he says about the album and band much of what should be said.

I consider Terry Scott Taylor one of the true musical geniuses of our time. His work deserves much more acknowledgement than it has ever received.

By the way, “Now that I’ve Died” says “I’m never cynical, but still a little sarcastic”. I hold that as the key to the song. Mr. Taylor is imploring us to do what we can here, and not wait for our coming perfection.

“Babe, I’m happy now, and much more grateful
Not to mention less contentious, vengeful and hateful
Guess I’m what you would call childlike and playful”

I’m renewing my commitment to bring a bit more heaven to earth in my own life, in the here and now, for myself and all I may touch.

Musically, and in other ways as well, that is what this album does.

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