Rodney Stark is an author. Pastor is conducting a book study on Sunday afternoons of Stark’s The Triumph of Christianity, which is a history of the Jesus-Movement, from just before the first Christmas to modern times. We start this coming Sunday, and we are to discuss the first three chapters. I’ve read them now, and even at this point I can highly recommend this book. Good Reads gives it 4.2 stars out of five. (293 ratings with 59 reviews.)

So insightful.

I appreciate that he keeps pointing out incorrect assumptions. I thank him for taking a matter-of-fact stance and just discussing the facts. He takes the Bible seriously, but he points out where things don’t match up. He also doesn’t cotton dismissing the bible just because there are no other confirmations.

I like his style. Very conversational and easy to read. Good story telling for a history book.

I keep thinking of things I want to write about while reading, and now that I have sat to write, I can’t think of them.

Well, one: He points out serious studies of such things and shows how people’s beliefs primarily match their social circles. Family first, then friends, then community. Well, duh.

He has some interesting comments about evangelization, and he compares Paul to Billy Graham briefly. Good stuff. Mostly, I have discovered that souls can only find agreement with mine when they know I love them, and they love me. It really is one heart at a time.

Oh, Jewish-Roman relations. I need to write about that.

He doesn’t write a lot about most topics he mentions, but the topics are loaded, and I need to write out some of it.

More to come.