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Over at First Things, Roger Scruton has provided an insightful review of why we have government, why we need it, and what we seem to be doing with it at present.

What he presents here should be something everyone can read regardless of where they fit on the political spectrum. Conservatives and liberals alike should be able to learn from these words.

You owe it to yourself to go read the article. Follow the link, read, apply it in yourself, and share.

Good political article at First Things.

Quoting Mr. Roger Scruton

It is therefore pertinent to consider not only the bad side of government—which Americans can easily recognize—but also the good. For American conservatives are in danger of appearing as though they had no positive idea of government at all, and were in the business simply of opposing all new federal programs, however necessary they may be to the future and security of the nation. Most of all, they seem to be losing sight of the truth that government is not only natural to the human condition, but an expression of those extended loyalties over time, which bind generation to generation in a relation of mutual commitment.

Long article, worth reading now, and worth referring back to.

On the personal level, the fact is, we are free moral agents. We are free to choose, and our will to choose rightly must be developed. We are most free when we rule ourselves and internalize the fact that we will give account. We will be judged justly. All scores will be settled. I am accountable to God. I must act accountable to every other individual. I must do justice, love kindness, and to walk humbly with God. That realizes freedom for me and those around me and for our country and our world.

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