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FIGURE 1. Alleged ancient depictions of dinosaurs at Kachina Bridge, Natural Bridges National Monument, Utah.


This is ONLY the figure that goes with the article. I’ll post that up next. Still, I wanted to get this specifically.

As I commented regarding assuming petroglyphs could be evidence of aliens, they cannot be evidence of sauropods either.

This post at WUWT is worth reading, and the comments, even more so. Brown is a rather sharp fellow.

“Robert Brown says:

March 1, 2012 at 8:29 pm

For the general public that does not have an objective scientific bend, how do you tell virtual reality from the real thing?

That’s a serious problem, actually. Hell, I have an objective scientific bend and I have plenty of trouble with it.

Ultimately, the stock answer is: We should believe the most what we can doubt the least, when we try to doubt very hard, using a mix of experience and consistent reason based on a network of experience-supported best (so far) beliefs.

That’s not very hopeful, but it is accurate. We believe Classical Non-Relativistic Mechanics after Newton invents it, not because it is true but because it works fairly consistently to describe Kepler’s purely observational laws, and…”

via Climate Science and Special Relativity | Watts Up With That?.

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