Risen is a good movie.

It is getting some good reviews, but more mediocre ones.



This is from Rotten Tomatoes, “Risen benefits from a lighter tone than many faith-based productions, as well as a unique take on the Greatest Story Ever Told and a terrific turn from star Joseph Fiennes.”

Fair assessment.

My assessment is that this was a good movie, a well done movie, and most of all, a movie.

I suspect the mediocre reviews are based largely on the religious theme, but it isn’t a particularly religious movie. The movie depicts Christ’s resurrection, but it keeps leaving room. It tells the story a certain way, and given the telling, it plays fair. It gives a moving and impactful story.

It was my impression that nearly all the audience was affected.

It is a personal telling, and it takes the view that this story, above all others, is personal. I think it did it well.

This isn’t the biblical story, but it is obviously based on it, around it, similar to it.

Mostly, I think those responsible for the telling of this story and the movie making of it, took it seriously, and they wanted to leave each member of the audience with something. If you go in with certain expectations, you will perhaps be disappointed. If you go in to see what you can find and keep, I think you will find something you are glad to have.

If you are deeply religious, you may have to overlook some things here and there.

If you are not religious, you will probably not find cause for offense. You will probably find a story that speaks to you, at least a little. I expect it will make you think. I suspect it won’t be something that changes your mind one way or another. Things that deepen our thinking are good.

Stories like this are usually called historical fiction. With my limited history of the period, it seems some pains were taken to get it right, at least close enough to avoid distraction.

The military aspects and some of the details fit and were engaging.

Overall, it was a movie I felt was of more value than my ticket price. I felt it was worth my time. I enjoyed it, at times it moved me, and it made me think.