Hyperbolic? Certainly, but dead on!
The section headed: “The Pressure Point of Collapse Loomed.” is particularly important.
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Consensus regarding forcing children into professional sports of any kind is unquestioned. We know parents (educators, sports staff, governments) should not force children into competitive sports, yet we’ve fostered a meme that encourages forcing children into competitive careerism.
Leave them alone!
Leave us alone!
Individual parents will, with few exceptions, make the best choices for their own children, and the children will make the best choices for themselves, as long as the government doesn’t interfere and screw it all up.
Children are our fellow travelers in this life, not our retirement plan.

IGNITE! ... Fire is Catching

“A Lie cannot live.” – Dr. Martin Luther King

Omission 2

Race To The Stadium (RTTS) established

A group of professional sports team owners and product sponsors decided the United States was losing ground globally in producing high quality athletes…. so they met with The President and the National Secretary of the Department of Sports to convince them to set new athletic policies. Soon after, the new RTTS (Race To The Stadium) was established.   A committee was selected to write new and rigorous standards starting from womb to stadium.

A handpicked group of professional team owners and employees of national product sponsors were selected to establish the new standards. A few adult level doctors were also added. Written in under a year, they were rolled out to the state Governors and the State Superintendents of Department of Sports. In order for the new Common Sport State Standards (CSSS) to be adopted into…

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