Ultimately, this incident is an example of the haves lording over the have-nots. The elites of the airline ordered the guys with the guns to enforce their privilege. I don’t see regulation and more government control as the answer. I do see respect for private property, private contracts (which the airline violated), and respect and honor for every individual as essential. If our police do more than protect the little guy, bully airlines and beaten plebeians are all we can expect.

Stand up for individual rights and liberty.

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Summary: Yesterday’s incident at United reveals much about the changes happening to America. First, let’s sort through the stories to see what really happened. Then let’s skip the cheap hand-waving and draw conclusions that can help us understand events and so begin to retake control of this nation.

The Friendly Skies of United Airlines

The New York Times tells the story, somewhat incoherently. United Express loaded a plane with passengers. Then four employees arrived, needed seats. United was unwilling to offer sufficient money to induce passengers to leave, and so ordered four to leave the craft. Three left, but a doctor refused — saying he had to be in Louisville to treat patients. United officials decided to call the Department of Aviation police (not the airline’s security) to remove him.

The man was sitting in a window seat. Officers grabbed his arms, dragged him screaming across the armrests and along the floor  — unconscious — off the aircraft. Later the passenger…

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